3 Hours Central Park "5 Star" Experience

Enhanced Private Central Park Tour

Ultimate VIP Central Park Experience that covers the Entire Park.

Park Expert & Photographer will take you on a Fancy Pedicab  for an unforgettable journey through the paradise of NYC. Will explore all the splendors of Central Park. You will learn amazing facts, interesting park history, will see famous movie spots and celebrity homes. On this experience you will have unlimited stops & your tour guide will be happy to take your pictures.


Central Park contains of 843 Acres and 58 miles of pathways. It's bigger than 600 football fields. Therefore, it could take 4-5 hours of walking and could be challenging for a visitor or even a New Yorker to walk this gigantic park and not get lost. And since this park is not an ordinary park, but contains huge amount of architecture & historical facts, an iconic place where hundreds of movies & TV shows were filmed, and a backyard to many celebrities & wealthy families, it's essential to let Central Park Expert take you for a unforgettable journey of  world famous park to insure an exciting, interesting experience.

  Will Cover at least 36 Park Highlights:

  1. Wollman ice rink

  2. Carousel

  3. Chess & Checkers

  4. The Dairy 

  5. Literary Walk

  6. Shakespeare Statue

7. Balto Statue

8. Summer Stage

 9. Upper East Side

13. The Mall

14. Cherry Hill

15. Cherry Hill Fountain 

16. Bow Bridge

10. Upper West Side

11. Bethesda Terrace

12. Boat House Restaurant 

17. San Remo Building 

18. Strawberry Fields 


19. Imagine memorial 

20. Dakota Building 

21. Tavern on the Green

22. Sheep Meadow​

23. Elf Bridge 

24. Jessy's playground. 

25. Conservatory water

26. Alice in Wonderland 

27. Hans Christian Anderson


  • Unlimited picture stops                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Seven walking stops: 

       1. Alice in Wonderland 

       2. Bethesda Terrace & Fountain

       3. Cherry Hill     

       4. Strawbery Fields

       5. Belvedere Castle

       6. Jackie Onassis Reservoir 

       7. Conservatory Garden

Extras Included: 

  • Refreshments (water/soda or coffee)

  • Best NYC pizza or Hot Dog

  • Pick up from any Hotel in midtown (located above 34th street & below 65th street) Manhattan. 

       Or meet up at:  

 870 7th avenue, New York, NY 10019

28. Shakespeare Garden

29. Swedish Cottage

30. Belvedere Castle

31. Great Lawn

32. Turtle Pond

33. Delacorte Theatre

34. Cleopatra's Needle

35. Jackie Onasis Reservoir 

36. Conservatory Garden

$139 Adult        $109 Child under 12 years old                    

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